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on orange background, a toning and spicy color that infuses good mood, it is associated with creativity and communication because it is a carrier of optimism and openness. The map of Africa our continent and geographical area, inside, west my country Mali.


The region of Kayes, the first Administrative Region of Mali, covers an area of 120,760 km2 with a population of 2,178,476 inhabitants in 2012. In this region are also the Félou Falls, the Gouina Falls, the Lake Magui and Lake Doro. This is where I was born one day in the year 1957. The Kayesian woman in the pure tradition Khassonke with the braids of the soil. On the left a dove on the globe, holding an olive branch, symbol of peace and love.


La Colombe is a drawing on poster of the painter Pablo PICASSO realized in 1949 at the birth of his daughter PALOMA which means COLOMBE in Spanish. The two clasping hands signify Peace and SHARING. Quite at the bottom of the men who stand beside the needy people symbol of mutual aid and solidarity.


Lower, left, the leo are represented by their logo. Lilies are the future of Lionism and I want to express my affection and thus the importance I attach to them. My motto: SOLIDARTY, SHARE AND PEACE.