Fodié Amadou DIAGANA

Governor of District 403 A1

With Humility, Let's serve with pride


To avoid appearing very modest, let me start with PRIDE. This word, beyond my person, is for every Lion and Leo. Everyone, as far as he is concerned, can tell us a thousand reasons to be proud to belong to our Association and to serve his community. I am proud to be a Lion, I am proud to belong to this great family united for a common ideal: SERVICE. I am proud to be friends with women, men and young people, who are present when needed, who support you in the trials of life, who share your joys and sorrows. With them, you serve in joy, friendship and humility. So let’s be proud, without falling into arrogance, disdain and sufficiency.


Serve is first and foremost the centennial motto and the Lions club motto. So if we want to exist and exist, we must continue to be useful to our communities, to our nations and to humanity, through service. This concept of service is more than ever central, hence the creation of the global structure of action.

Indeed, the communities we serve, have not chosen their conditions. They are certainly poor, sick, vulnerable, but worthy of respect and consideration. In order for our works and actions to have their effects and contribute to the improvement of their conditions, we must perform them with Humility and with a high sense of dignity and honor.

With Humility, Let's serve with pride