The pennant symbolizes my vision, my ambition. It is composed of seven elements. We can see a light blue background that symbolizes the serenity where the map of Africa appears. Inside, the member countries of our District are highlighted. Mauritania, my country, appears in the colors of its flag: green, yellow and red..

Item 1: Object 1: A dove and a branch overlooking our District. It materializes our commitment to "living together in peace. We must contribute to bringing peace to hearts and minds, without which no development can be peacefully envisaged

Item 2: Logo Lions Clubs International: The emblem consists of a golden letter "L" placed in a circle. Its border has two Lions profiles facing outwards. The words "Lions" and "International" are respectively at the top and bottom of the emblem. Lions are both focused on the past and the future, to indicate their pride in their heritage and their confidence in the future.

Item 3: Centennial logo. Beyond one hundred years of our Association, this logo reminds us of the goal of serving in the second centenary two hundred million people, each year. Our District must make a significant contribution to this goal

Item 4: The Leo program, it should be remembered, offers young people development opportunities as responsible members of their communities. The new status of leo co-actors suits this ambition. To this end, I recommend that District clubs systematically integrate Leo in the planning and execution of activities.

Item 5: This is an open book. There is no sustainable development without education. The education of our children is our responsibility. We must contribute to improving access to quality education through our different works. This open book symbolizes my call to mobilize Lions, to put and especially keep children in school, especially girls

Item 6: Two shield-shaped hands are seen around a mother and her child. This symbol embodies the axis relating to the protection of women and children. These two components of society require our great attention

Item 7: The Palm is a nod to the Leo Club Nouakchott Palm where I discovered Lionism. Its position at the bottom of the map of Africa, symbolizes the beginning of my lion journey. Camel trekking with Nouakchott Caravan to the top of the District. This object is also a symbol of my country, Mauritania.