Moussa Toumany DIAKITE: Governor 2017-2018

Moussa Toumany DIAKITE was born on April 2, 1957 in Kayes, Mali. He is the eldest of a family of seven children. Married to Fatoumata called Fata SISSOKO, they have seven children and five small children .; inducted in 1998 in Bamako SIGUI. His involvement with the association was reflected in various occupations and awards received during his twelve (19) years of Lionism. As a Melvin Jones Progressive Companion, he now serves as Governor of District 403A1.



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The first manifestation of Friendship is certainly solidarity, which says solidarity speaks of sharing and self-giving, these expressions are together the corollaries of the Lions service; when one feels feelings of friendship and sympathy for a person, one spontaneously rejoices in his joys and spontaneously sympathizes with his troubles. Solidarity promotes the development of team spirit and the performance of our clubs depends on our ability to live true friendship, including solidarity in our visions, solidarity in our decision-making, and finally and especially solidarity and generous in our volunteer service actions to achieve our ideal of multiform support for those in our communities who are in greatest need.
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To quote the PPCG YVES ROLAND peace to his soul who said about solidarity and self-giving: This is the very essence of Lionism, because the best proof of love for ones neighbor is the gift of itself. The good lion accepts freely and voluntarily to devote to his association, to his club, a lot of his free time, a lot of his imagination, a lot of his money, a lot of friendship, fraternity, generosity, his dreams and a lot of his life. All of this is included in the commitment we make at our induction. It is the true gift of oneself. End quote.
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a concept that denotes a state of calm or tranquility, as well as the absence of disturbance or disorder of war and conflict, it also corresponds to a social and political ideal. An individual to flourish, needs inner peace, a state to develop, needs peace and stability. Peace is seen as the means for men to achieve their highest aspirations. Our Association in its conception remains an element of social cohesion because it promotes peace and understanding between nations. Social cohesion is essential for the integration of individuals, their attachment to the group and their participation in social life and the members share the same set of values, rules of life accepted by everyone. It also ensures the well-being of all members by reducing disparities and avoiding marginalization. Without this peace, and this social cohesion, the most ambitious global objectives will fall apart, and our plans for the realization of our works will not be spared..

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My vision "Continuation and teamwork that are established rules in our organization.

Priority actions :  
Important social works that much in favor of improving the situation of children while integrating our actions in the Millennium Development Goals;

Proper administration of the District and our clubs by proper operation of the regions, zones and clubs. This must be reflected in the attendance rate, the growth and retention, strengthening friendship and sending timely reports;

The increase of staff by an active policy of recruiting new members in existing clubs, retention and creating new clubs with a view to meet the District’s restructuring conditions and the constitution of autonomous geographical area for Africa.

Leadership development through the implementation of training programs, close monitoring of PR, PZ and presidents of clubs and recovery of Past Officials and support to LEO District.

Respect for the lion ethics and a return statement in all posts of the founding moral values of our Association..

My goals and expected results::
At June 30, 2017, the value of social work carried out must reach three billion F / CFA with at least two works of great importance. It is desirable that much of the work is for children and the health sector.

At June 30, 2017, no club is placed in status quo, all reports are sent on time, attendance rates are above 50%, the contribution collection rate is over 95% and over 10 % of clubs adhering to the Club Excellence Program. The District of restructuring is done.

June 30, at least nine lions clubs and five Leo clubs are created and a net gain of 300 top staff lions is obtained.

More than 80% of official clubs are formed early in the mandate, all Presidents area and region are formed prior to the first cabinet meeting, 16 Lions new certified guides are trained, 10 lions have registered for training ELLI, 4 lions are involved in the formation ALLI lions and 2 are scheduled for IDF training. 8 district leaders Club Excellence Program are formed.

Strengthen ties with Medico Lions clubs in France, Friendship Village, the BIP and with all our partners, build relationships with other districts including those in Africa. Broad participation of Lions District All Africa in Cairo and ISAAME in Sri Lanka.

Create new clubs and improve the supervision of leo.

Animate and energize the District.



on orange background, a toning and spicy color that infuses good mood, it is associated with creativity and communication because it is a carrier of optimism and openness. The map of Africa our continent and geographical area, inside, west my country Mali.


The region of Kayes, the first Administrative Region of Mali, covers an area of 120,760 km2 with a population of 2,178,476 inhabitants in 2012. In this region are also the Félou Falls, the Gouina Falls, the Lake Magui and Lake Doro. This is where I was born one day in the year 1957. The Kayesian woman in the pure tradition Khassonke with the braids of the soil. On the left a dove on the globe, holding an olive branch, symbol of peace and love.


La Colombe is a drawing on poster of the painter Pablo PICASSO realized in 1949 at the birth of his daughter PALOMA which means COLOMBE in Spanish. The two clasping hands signify Peace and SHARING. Quite at the bottom of the men who stand beside the needy people symbol of mutual aid and solidarity.


Lower, left, the leo are represented by their logo. Lilies are the future of Lionism and I want to express my affection and thus the importance I attach to them. My motto: SOLIDARTY, SHARE AND PEACE.