Fodié Amadou DIAGANA

2018-2019 Governor

Dear friends,
Our Association is dynamic, and is in perpetual motion to comply with developments and always gain in efficiency. These last two years have been marked by the constitution of a new organization chart, which has seen the creation of the Global Action Structure (SMA). Thus, to put our mandate in the same perspective, we chose to articulate our program around the four (4) axes erected in six (6) priorities.

Action plan

Maternal and child protection

It’s a euphemism to say that Lions are responding to local needs and the world. For many reasons, most of them preventable, mothers continue to lose their lives giving birth, children are malnourished and all this before our eyes. We Lions, armed with volunteers, we must mobilize even more, to protect the woman and the child. We may not be building health and education facilities everywhere, but thanks to LCIF grants of up to $ 75,000, we can take life-saving actions. I therefore appeal to your sense of service so that together we can contribute to improving the status of women and children in our communities.

The fight against blindness

From Helen KELLER’s challenge to the present day, Lions around the world are mobilizing against blindness. And those of our District are not left out. The IOTA center is a good illustration. We must exploit the resources available to develop Sight First projects and save thousands of people from blindness. Our actions will therefore have to cover the following aspects: sensitization, trachoma screening, cataract surgery, supply of medicines, technical trays and training of specialists, among others..

The fight against childhood cancer

A child is diagnosed with cancer every two minutes, worldwide. It is this alarming finding that has motivated the Lions Club to integrate childhood cancer into its major challenges. It impacts both the physical and psychological development of the child. We must act and we will do it through the prevention and care of the sick. For this reason, I rely on individual or group clubs to submit projects to the Foundation for urgent funding.

The fight against diabetes

The challenge of the second century, diabetes affects more than 400 million people and is responsible for nearly two million deaths a year around the world. In this exercise, we urge Lions to continue the ongoing efforts, but also to submit new projects to our Foundation in the area of diabetes. In addition, Lions will need to seize the opportunities offered by the Diabetes Awareness Week, to conduct diabetes screening, awareness and care with local Diabetes Associations.

Training, retention and growth

With regard to club membership in District 403 A1, many of them are weak or borderline. A club must have at least 20 active members, to pretend to carry out actions beneficial to the community. That’s why, under the leadership of the Global Membership Team (GMT), District Clubs will be busy co-opting new members, retaining membership, and sponsoring the creation of new Lions clubs and clubs. For a quality workforce, the involvement and participation of every lion in the life of the club is necessary, as is the training of members

Respect for Lions Ethics

The respect of the ethics of our Association by its members is the guarantee of its durability. Without ethics, without order and without rules no work can be accomplished properly. It is for this reason that I renew my commitment to respect the fundamental rules of our Association my credo. New Lions joining our Association will need to be trained on rules and ethics. At all levels of our organization, leaders must ensure that Lions ethics are respected.